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Profile Id: 139009    6-Apr-2019
Title:   Data Analyst
Location:   Bengaluru - karnataka -
Data Entry  
  • Advance Excel
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Integration
  • Data Dedupe
  • Fix Problems in Data
  • Data Processing Services

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time, Full-Time, Contract Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Hourly Basis of appx. Rs.650 Per Hour.

My Skill - Excel Guru with indepth knowledge handling the data..

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere, Bangalore

I as a company deals in - Excel Data Corp .

Jobs handled -

A highly motivated data analyst with vast experience in interpreting, analyzing and reconciliation of data obtained from a variety of sources; skills involve development and enhancement of data processing, data analysis, data visualization and metrics reporting. Expert in Microsoft Excel, who can help to cleanse data, discover insights, create reports dashboards and visualize results.

Possesses strong and effective communication skills essential in conveying results in analysis and investigations conducted; has great commitment to and affinity to meet deadlines without compromising accuracy and quality of work.


 Automation of reports. ( Several Reports were automated and hundreds of hours saved in preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly and Yearly Reports)

 Performed data query, extraction, compilation, and reporting tasks.

 Managed, updated and manipulated report orientation and structures with the use of advanced Excel functions including Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Dashboards.

 Generated weekly reports to provide clear, compelling metrics reports.

 Handled data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation to management and other team members gathered through Sunrise ( Cognos Reporting tool) .

 Delivery of detailed reporting on each Region(IOT) and Business Unit for use across the team to track performance.

 Tracked weekly VLR, VLRC to provide clear, compelling metrics reports for Business Units.

 Analyze Performance Data to Identify Key Trends, Opportunities and Problems. Define recommendations for corrective action and communicate this effectively to the Leadership team for discussion.